Mission, Vision, Core Values


To have a center of excellence for the training of a high level skilled, disciplined manpower capable of providing evidence based healthcare services in different resource settings, engage in research and generation of new ideas, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge.


To provide teaching, research and quality healthcare services.  In doing so, the Department shall enhance collaboration with Government of Kenya, research institutions locally and internationally to impact on health policies and standards.


Promote high quality evidence based health care provision at the Kenyatta National Hospital.  To train Undergraduate Students Internal Medicine, thereby help produce competent doctors.  To train Postgraduate Student Internal Medicine and so produce specialists physicians of high repute locally and internationally.  To espouse virtues of professional ethics and moral standards in training, research and provision of health care in Internal Medicine. To recognize and promote meritocracy among the staff in training research and practice of Internal Medicine.  To promote the subspecialties in Internal Medicine and ensure availability of high calibre subspecialists to serve the needs of Kenya and East Africa Region in provision of highly specialized subspecialists in Internal Medicine: Neurologists, Nephlologists and Cardiologists e.t.c.  To nature responsible professionalism through culture mentorship.  To maintain the high value and quality of holder of the degrees of MBChB and Mmed. Internal Medicine of the University of Nairobi.