This report covers the period January to December 2012. It was a year of a lot of activities with most of the set objectives for the year accomplished. This was also the year that the social committee initiated a benevolent fund for the departmental members. Teamwork continued independent   of age or gender but as one large family of the department. New initiatives were launched to start new program fellowship in oncology, rheumatology, infectious disease, renal medicine which we hope to be started in the year 2013. Members of the department were able to attend record number of conferences and workshops. The department remained strong in research and the links were strengthened by the visit of the faculty to the university of Maryland and university of Texas medical branch. A few disappointments like resignation of one of the few endocrinologists we wish the best in her endeavors. We could have done better in our publications.





  • Prof. G.N.Lule. University of Texas Medical Branch from 10th February 2012 to 19th February 2012.
  • Dr. Loice Achieng. Invited as Guest lecturer at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Division of Infectious Diseases from 20th February 2012 to 9th March 2012.
  • Dr. Jared Mecha. 19th Conference on Retroviruses and opportunistic infections in Seattle Washington USA from March 5th 2012 to March 9th 2012.
  • Prof.E.O.Ogutu Conference on Advances in Hepato Biliary Pancreatic Endoscopy in Hyderabad, India from  23rd February to 9th March 2012
  • Prof. E.N.Ogola Conference on Heart Diseases  in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 10th January 2012 to 13th January 2012.
  • Prof.E.O.Amayo 64th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in New Orleans, LA, at the Ernest N Morial Convention Centre from 20th April 2012 to 2nd May 2012
  • Prof. E.N.Ogola European Heart Failure Congress from 18th May 2012 to May 23rd Belgrade, Serbia
  • Prof.E.N.Ogola World Congress of Cardiology  in Dubai from 18th April 2012 to 22nd April 2012
  • Prof.N.A.Abinya National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines workshop in Windhoek, Namibia from 25th April 2012 to 28th April 2012
  • Prof. N.A.Abinya American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA from 26th May 2012 to 8th June 2012.
  • Prof.E.O.Ogutu Digestive Disease Week and Post graduate course in Gastroenterology in San Diego, California USA FROM 16TH May 2012 to 25th May 2012
  • Prof.K.M.Bhatt Scientific Advisory Committee of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDI) in Geneva from 7th May 2012 to 9th May 2012.
  • Dr.A.J.O.Were 49th ERA EDTA Congress of Nephrology in Paris France (European Renal Association –European Dialysis and Transplantation Association

from 22nd May 2012 to 31st May 2012.

  • Dr.G.O.Oyoo XVIII Congress of Pan American League of Associations of Rheumatology, Rock Hotel and Casino Purita Cana, Dominic  Republic from 16th April 2012 to 21st April 2012.
  • Dr.G.O.Oyoo European Congress of  Rheumatology (EULAR 2012 ) in Berlin Germany from 6th June 2012 to 9th June 2012
  • Prof. N. A. Othieno-Abinya - NCI-Burkitt’s Lymphoma meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • Dr. Jared O. Mecha - 2012 European Respiratory Congress Meetings in Vienna, Austria.
  • Dr G.O.Oyoo - Power to Treat Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Dr. G.O. Oyoo - Delivered a Lecture at the University of Liverpool in their Experience Exchange Workshop.
  • Prof. G.N. Lule –South African Gastro Conference and read a paper on Hepatitis
  • Prof. E.N. Ogola – Scientific Congress of European Society of Cardiovascular.
  • Prof. E.O. Ogutu 4th International Endoscopic Ultrasound Workshop in Meerut, India.
  • Prof.  C.F.Otieno –1st African Diabetes Conference – IDF & Presented a paper & chaired sessions in the Conference in Arusha-Tanzania.
  • Prof. K.M. Bhatt – External Examiner at National University of Rwanda.
  • Prof.N.A.Abinya – Attended the Inaugural Africa colloquium on CML in Dar es Salaam from 11th October 2012-13th October 2012
  • Prof.N.A.Abinya –African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) council meeting from 14th December 2012 to 18th December 2012.
  • Prof.C.F.Otieno- 48th EASD annual meeting in Berlni, Germany from 29th Sept 2012-5th October 2012
  • Dr.G.O.Oyoo Attend the ACR annual meeting in Washington, DC USA from 9th November 2012 to 14th November 2012
  • Dr.G.O.Oyoo the bone and Joint Decade world network conference in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet nam from 30th November 2012 to 2nd December 2012
  • Prof.E.N.Ogola 10th annual general meeting and scientific conference of APHYTA in Dar es Salaam from 2nd November to 3rd November 2012
  • Dr. Jared Mecha research training on household air pollution at the centre for global health studies (CGHS) national institutes of Health Fogarty International Center (FIC) in Bethesda, Maryland, USA from 8th October to 15th October 2012
  • Dr. M.Maritim First International conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) in Capet Town South Africa from 30th November 2012 to 8th December 2012.


Prof.E.O.Amayo. University of Texas Medical  Branch from 16th April 2012 to April 19,

  • Prof. G.N.Lule Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore Maryland and discuss plan future collaborations between University of Maryland and University of Nairobi from 27th March 2012 to 1st April 2012
  • Prof.E.O.Amayo. Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore Maryland and discuss plan future collaborations between University of Maryland and University of Nairobi from 27th March 2012 to 3rd April 2012.
  • Dr. Jared Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore Maryland and discuss plan future collaborations between University of Maryland and University of Nairobi from 27th March 2012 to 4th April 2012
  •  Dr.T.M.Munyao –Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore Maryland and discuss plan future collaborations between University of Maryland and University of Nairobi 27th March 2012 to 2nd April 2012





  • Dr. John Mugaya Andrew - Prevalence of Peripheral Arterial Disease Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients at KNH

Supervisors - Dr. G.O. Oyoo, Dr. M.C. Maritim

  • Dr. Miriam Mwachinga - Association Between Serum Procalcitonin and 28-day outcomes in patients with presumed bacterial sepsis at KNH

       Supervisors - Prof. K.M. Bhatt, Dr. J.O. Mecha, Dr. A. Amayo

  • Dr. Beth Muthoni Mbuthia - Platelet Counts in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis at KNH

       Supervisors - Dr. G. O. Oyoo, Dr. Grace Kitonyi

  • Dr. Mohammed Noorani - Prevalence of Echocardiographically Determined Myocardial Dysfunction Amongst HIV Positive, HAART NAÏVE Patients at the Comprehensive Care
  • Dr. Hassan Adan Ahmed - Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Urban Garissa Residents.

      Supervisors - Prof. M.D. Joshi, Prof. E.N. Ogola, Prof. E.O.  Amayo.

  • Dr. Einstein Tsuma - A Cross Sectional Survey on the Seroprevalence of HHV8 in the HAART NAÏVE HIV Patients at KNH Comprehensive Care Clinic.

       Supervisors - Dr. G. W. Kiarie, Prof. E.O. Amayo, Dr. M.C.  Maritim.

  • Dr. Beryl Ganda-Prevalence of peripheral Arterial Disease among Rheumatoid arthritis patients at KNH

Supervisors- Dr. Omondi Oyoo, Prof. JK.Kayima, Dr. Marybeth Maritim

  • Dr. John Mutiso- Knowledge, attitudes and practices on measures to  retard disease progression among chronic kidney disease patients at KNH

 Supervisors -  Prof. J.K.Kayima, Prof.E.O.Amayo

  • Dr. Nicola Adhiambo Okech - Graft Chronic Kidney Disease and its Complications among Renal Allograft Recipients at KNH

Supervisors - Prof. J.K. Kayima, Prof. S.O. McLigeyo & Dr. A.J.O. Were

  • Dr. Andrew O. Owuor -Modification of Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected Patients at KNH, Comprehensive Care Clinic between Years 2005-2011

Supervisors - Prof. G.N. Lule, Prof. C.F. Otieno, Dr. E. Omonge & Dr. M.C. Maritim

  • Dr. Muia George - Anaemia in Patients with Rheumatoid Athritis at the KNH

       Supervisors - Dr. G.O. Oyoo, Dr. G. Kitonyi & Dr. P. Wanzala

  • Dr. Cosmas K. Kimama - Prevalence of Hypertension Among High School Students Attending Public Schools in Nairobi

Supervisors - Prof. E.N. Ogola, Prof. M.D. Joshi & Prof. S.O. McLigeyo

  • Dr. Ochwila Bwire Austine - Renal Function of Living Kidney Donors at KNH: A Cross-Sectional Descriptive Study

       Supervisors - Prof. J.K. Kayima, Prof. S.O. McLigeyo & Dr. A.J.O. Were

  • Dr. Ann Wangui Kibiru  - Adequacy of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Among Ambulatory Patients at KNH, Nairobi.

       Supervisors - Prof. M.D. Joshi, Prof. N.A. O. Abinya & Dr. G.W. Kitonyi.

  • Dr. Robert Simiyu Wekesa  - Effect of Aspirin on Platelet Aggregation Among Patients with Ischemic Stroke and Healthy Volunteers at the KNH

       Supervisors - Prof. E.O. Amayo, Prof. Walter Mwanda, Prof. Joshua Kayima & Prof. C.F.   Otieno

  • Dr. James Allan Angawa Wagude - Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Renal Transplant Recipients attending Nephrology Clinics in Nairobi, Kenya

       Supervisors – Prof. J.K. Kayima, Prof. E.N. Ogolla, Prof. S.O. McLigeyo & Dr. A.J. Were

  • Dr. Peter Kihoi Njuguna - Hematological Parameters among Kidney Transplant Recipients on Follow up at KNH Renal Unit

      Supervisors – Dr. Prof. S.O. McLigeyo, Prof. J.K. Kayima & Dr. A.J.O. Were

  • Dr. Brenda Kiiru- Interleukin 18 as an early Biomarker of Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients

       Supervisors – Dr. A.J.O. Were, Dr. Ritesh Pamnan & Prof. Christine Kigondu

  • Hazel Nyambura Mburu - Prevalence, Socio-Demographic and Clinical Pattern of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure at Muranga District Hospital.

       Supervisors – Prof. M.D. Joshi, Dr. Muriithi Nyamu & Dr. James Kahura

  • Sybil Khisa Nakirare - Health Related Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients at KNH

       Supervisors – Prof. M.D. Joshi & Dr. G.W. Kiarie





The Partnership for Advanced Clinical Education (PACE)is a CDC funded program of the Institute of Human Virology-University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Nairobi and Kenya Paediatric Association working in close collaboration with the Kenya National AIDS and STI control programme (NASCOP) to strengthen pre-service and in-service HIV education and training in Kenya


The Partnersip in Advanced Care and Treatment Centres of Excellence (PACT-CoE)  is a CDC funded project which supports HIV prevention care and treatment activities at Kenyatta National Hospital and Pumwani Maternity Hospital





The Central Kenya  Response Integration, Strengthening and Sustainability (CRISSP) is a CDC funded project whose main objective is to support the Ministries of Health provide community and facility owned equitable, accessible and high quality HIV Prevention, care and treatment services.



The Partnership for Advanced Care and Treatment (PACT) project is CDC funded collaboration between the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Nairobi.

The University of Marland successfully refurbished the PACT Offices, student computer lab and Conference room and offices officially opened on 28th August 2012.



Mr. Brisson Muia and Tom Omollo were promoted to grade of Senior Technologist Grade DEF.



Dr. K.S.Acharya resigned from Post of Lecturer having served the University of Nairobi for 10 years



Dr. Adam Sheikh -Lecturer.

Mr Francis Maara Gatuto –Cleaner/Messenger



William Bremne chair department of medicine from the University of Washington

Richard  University of Maryland

Fummi Olopade University of Chicago

Sola Olopade University of Chicago

Mark Wener chair department of psychiatry University of Washington



The following equipment was acquired;

4 Optika binocular Microscopes

Huma Reader Elisa Strip Reader

LW Scientific 8 tube centrifuge



The Department held an end of year party which was a major event that brought together all the members of staff as well as their family members. It was held at on 12th December 2012 at the Bonds restaurant.


The Members of Department have Social Benevolent kitty that is used in contribution towards bereavement of immediate family members


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