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Prof. Nicholas Abinya - writes a book about his journey with cancer titled "Shadow in Perpetuity"

Prof Nicholas Anthony Othieno - Abinya - A full Professor of Internal Medicine & Medical Oncology recently retired pens down his journey with treating cancer patients over the last 40+ years. Dr Abinya in his book, stresses the point that many Kenyan's seek care abroad wet in reality, the care is present right here in Kenya. He says that with early detection, cancer is curable. His speaks about his experience dealing with this hard journey with cancer

Dr Andrew Odhiambo , Unit Head Medical Oncology during Maiden Ghana Cancer Summit 2021

Dr. Andrew gives insights in cancer immunotherapy in the maiden Ghana Cancer summit. Dr. Andrew was among a panel of experts during the 1st Ghana Cancer Summit organized by Roche Ghana. Alongside renowned names like Prof Bernardo Rapoport (from the Medical Oncology Centre Of Rosebank South Africa) and Prof. Mohsen Mokhtar (Cairo University), Dr Andrew gave 2 presentations focusing on Immunotherapy and Her-2 directed Breast Cancer therapy.  After a long hiatus of in-person conferences, great networking opportunities emerged from this well organized event.




Dr Peter Oyiro (Physician & Medical Oncologist/Haematologist) & Dr. Frederick K Wangai (Physician & Infectious Diseases Specialist) joined the department in August 2021. This is indeed a great value addition to the existing team. They are both products of our fellowship degrees offered at the faculty. Dr Peter brings his vast experience in haematological-oncology and Dr Fred in infectious diseases.

The Pandemic Within the Pandemic - By Dr. Loice Ombajo

Globally, antibiotic use in hospitals has surged since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and over-the-counter sales, legal in many countries, have soared. This is further fueling the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance, as bacteria evolve and become immune to these drugs.