Student Projects in Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics

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2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Prevalence Of Peripheral Arterial Disease Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients At Knh Beryl Ganda 2012 View Details
Quality Of Glycemic Control Among Insulin Treated Ambulatory Patients With Diabetes Mellitus At Knh Salim Rashid Masoud 2012 View Details
Association Between Serum Procalcitonin And 28-day Outcomes In Patients With Presumed Bacterial Sepsis At Knh Miriam Mwanginga 2012 View Details
Platelet Counts In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis At Knh Beth Muthoni Mbuthia 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Echocardiographically Determined Myocardial Dysfunction Amongst Hiv Positive, Haart Naive Patients At The Comprehensive Care Clinic, Knh Mohammed Noorani 2012 View Details
Vitamin B12 Dificiency In Type Two Diabetic Patients Using Metformin At Knh Ellen Wanjiku Njagi 2012 View Details
An Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices On Measures To Retard Disease Progression Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients At Knh John Mutiso 2012 View Details
Assessment Of Alternative Therapeutic Modalities Used By Patients With Epilepsy Attending Neurology Clinic At Knh John Mugaya Andrew 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors In Urban Garissa Residents Hassan Adan Ahmed 2012 View Details
A Cross Sectional Survey On The Seroprevalence Of Hhv8 In The Haart NaÏve Hiv Patients At Knh Comprehensive Care Clinic Einstein Tsuma 2012 View Details
Graft Chronic Kidney Disease And Its Complications Among Renal Allograft Recipients At Knh Nicola Adhiambo Okech 2012 View Details
Modification Of Antiretroviral Therapy In Hiv-infected Patients At Knh, Comprehensive Care Clinic Between Years 2005-2011 Andrew O. Owuor 2012 View Details
Anaemia In Patients With Rheumatoid Athritis At The Knh Muia George 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Hypertension Among High School Students Attending Public Schools In Nairobi Cosmas K. Kimama 2012 View Details
Renal Function Of Living Kidney Donors At Knh: A Cross-sectional Descriptive Study Ochwila Bwire Austine 2012 View Details
Adequacy Of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Among Ambulatory Patients At Knh, Nairobi Ann Wangui Kibiru 2012 View Details
Effect Of Aspirin On Platelet Aggregation Among Patients With Ischemic Stroke And Healthy Volunteers At The Robert Simiyu Wekesa 2012 View Details
Cardiovascular Risk Factors In Renal Transplant Recipients Attending Nephrology Clinics In Nairobi, Kenya James Allan Angawa Wagude 2012 View Details
Hematological Parameters Among Kidney Transplant Recipients On Follow Up At Knh Renal Unit Peter Kihoi Njuguna 2012 View Details
Interleukin 18 As An Early Biomarker Of Acute Kidney Injury In Critically Ill Patients Brenda Kiiru 2012 View Details
Prevalence, Socio-demographic And Clinical Pattern Of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure At Muranga District Hospital. Hazel Nyambura Mburu 2012 View Details
Health Related Quality Of Life Of Breast Cancer Patients At Knh Sybil Khisa Nakirare 2012 View Details