Dr Marybeth Maritim Awarded the 2018 IAMAT Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship
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Mon, 2018-11-19 14:29

Dr Marybeth Maritim from the department of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics– College of health Sciences was awarded the 2018 IAMAT Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship. In May, 2018 Dr. Marybeth travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend a travel medicine course with the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM). The intensive 5-day course covered all aspects of travel medicine. She also had the opportunity to see how a travel clinic operates at the Travel Doctor Clinic.

IAMAT (International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers) is a non-profit organization that keeps travellers healthy. They help you plan a healthy trip, connect you with reputable English-speaking doctors, and award scholarships to improve healthcare where you travel. Their health information and services are available to travellers from any country.

In Marybeth’s words:

“The course highlighted the importance of travel medicine beyond the provision of vaccines. The medical services I will provide for patients will be comprehensive, focusing on empowering the patient to change their behaviour in order to reduce their disease acquisition risk.

Having done a diploma in tropical and travel medicine in 2012, I thought I knew how a travel medicine clinic should be run before the SASTM course. I thought the focus was about giving clients vaccines based on what vaccine they come and demand. The clinical observation at the Travel Doctor Clinic broadened my knowledge, skills and attitude in the practice of travel medicine. I was able to learn first-hand the roles of a travel medicine practitioner and the services offered in a travel clinic.”


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