Training in Internal Medicine is given in 3 rd and 5 th year of the MBchB program. A University examination is Internal Medicine is one of the three subjects done in the last year of the MBchB program.

Doctors who have completed one year of Internship and at least one year of work as a general medical practitioner are eligible to enroll as a post graduate students in Department of Internal Medicine.

Tutorial fellows of the University of Nairobi are also legible to enroll into the post graduate program.

Post Graduate Students upon qualifying, as specialists in internal medicine will work for two years under supervision after which they will be recognized by the Kenya Medical and Dentists practitioners Board (KMDPB) as physicians

A specialist physician can attach him/her self to a recognized specialist in a subspecialty in internal Medicine such as Nephrology, after which he/she can persue further training abroad in the relevant subspecialty