Central Province Response Integration, Strengthening & Sustainability (CRISSP)
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Dr Jared Mecha

The Central Province Response Integration, Strengthening and Sustainability Project is led by University of Nairobi, and working in collaboration with Futures Group and the University of Maryland Institute Of Human Virology. Futures Group leads the development and implementation of key project components in strategic information, monitoring and evaluation, and health management information systems. The project works collaboratively with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Ministry of Health and local regional and district- level health management teams for the Kiambu and Kirinyaga districts of central Kenya. Futures Group strengthens strategic information and medical records departments at 56 facilities with a focus on data quality and data use to improve services. Futures will deploy IQSolutions including electronic health records systems, IQCare, at up to 8 health facilities in the first year of the project. Futures Group will also work to strengthen the capacity of regional and district clinicians, data entrants, and coordinators to use data in decision making across multiple program areas including prevention of mother-to-child transmission, TB/HIV, and care and treatment. Futures Group will train staff on data cleaning and report generation using IQTools. - See more at: http://futuresgroup.com/projects/central_province_response_integration_s...