Breast Cancer Care Registry
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Prof. N.A.Othieno Abinya


Breast Cancer Care (BRECC) Registry, is a research project driven by Prof. N.A.OthienoAbinya as the Principal Investigator – (BRECC) a project on Development of a breast cancer registry to determine the magnitude of breast cancer and current clinical care patterns in Kenya.Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with a high mortality rate to incidence rate in developing countries compared to developed countries.

The on-going BRECC registry is a tool to observing wholesomely the presentation of breast cancer patients; local factors that influence prognosis and quality of life; to describe the clinical care patterns, and to monitor the safety of the therapies provided to patients in a normal clinic setting.

Patients are recruited into the registry after a positive histological diagnosis of breast cancer subject to inclusion & exclusion criteria and provision of consent.

Other BRECC collaborators are Kenya Oncological Research Database (KORDA) and Kenya Society of Hematology and Oncology(KESHO)


The project is sponsored by Roche pharmaceuticals.